Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Introduce Yourself

This thread is for you, the reader, to introduce yourself.


Nathan Labenz

Nathan Labenz, 1/2 the founding team of (currently in Alpha). Love the blog so far and hope you can build a strong readership.

David Amann

David Amann, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. I run my own branch with Edward Jones, so I'm always on the lookout for rational ways to improve my productivity and my business. So far, the articles on this blog fit the bill.


I'm a student of motion image and a graphic designer interested in creating educational (but exciting) content about advances in psychology. I also make electronic music.

I like the blog a lot, keep writing! ;)

BTW, that link about 'You Are A Brain' reminds me of Hakim Bey's term: psychotopography


Coder of decades experience, current employee at startup, startup founder in camera

I would reveal more, but Google sees all

Thoroughly enjoying the content. Thank you! To steal a meme: MOAR


Graduate student of Operations Management, Productivity, and Human Nature.


Liked your blog.
Bookmarked your page
Keep writing more